What our trainees say about us

When asked at the end of their ST3 year in 2018, 100% of trainees said they would recommend Tameside & Glossop's GP training programme to new trainees applying to GP training!


Here`s what departing trainees said in 2018 about GP Training in Tameside & Glossop

  • Really enjoyed all teaching sessions
  • Focussed topics to target learning needs/GP curriculum area
  • Really helped with CSA practice
  • Looked forward to teaching session, has been a great chance to debate topics/challenging cases, but nice to catch up!
  • Special thanks to Nav who has made all teaching sessions fun/interactive/enjoyable.  Always has been very honest, providing us knowledge/skills to become good GP’s
  • ST3 teaching is excellent, tailored to help mould us into future GPs.
  • Very well organised.  Engaged, enthusiastic teachers that teach valuable communication skills
  • Great preparation for the CSA with the mock CSA and role play scenarios with actors & various communication skill exercises throughout the year
  • Residential is excellent. Great for building teamwork and a sense of community within the trainees
  • ST3 – a very robust training programme that covers all bases. Prepares you for CSA exam. Thankfully helped me pass. More importantly for me it has given me insight into working life after ST3
  • Very good engaging teaching session not just based on clinical stuff but also on preparing you to be a GP.
  • Yes! Wonderful community to work in.  I was initially allocated this programme in a round 2 application, but if I had the chance to apply again Tameside & Glossop would be 1st& only choice
  • Great sense of community
  • Everyone is really supportive – no embarrassment asking questions in teaching.
  • ST1 & 2 teaching set at an appropriate level.  ST3 teaching is informal & sets you up for CSA examination & life as a GP
  • Weekly teaching, well organised & approachable
  • Organised, structured, friendly & chilled tutors
  • ST3 teaching programme very helpful for CSA and to be a fully qualified GP, really good Mock CSA & useful GP proactive management type session
  • Very interactive open environment for teaching & discussing any difficulties we face as trainees
  • Residential provides great opportunity to develop friendships & network with colleagues – which is in preparation for CSA