Child Health Surveillance

Dr Lawson, Community Paediatrician is in charge.

 Any ST1 ST2 or ST3 who is not doing Paediatrics or has not yet done Paediatrics is welcome to go on the  Course - please contact Rosemary at the Postgraduate Centre on 0161 922 6344.

All the ST1 and ST2s doing Paediatrics are encouraged to go on the course, which is a 2-day event usually on a Thursday & Friday.They are still expected to organize their own practical sessions and the Royal College of General practitioners have advised  they need to a 6-8 week Assessment, a 3 Year Assessment, an Immunisation Clinic and  a Practice Management session. They are able to use their study leave for this (it involves sessions with the health visitor and sessions with the optometrist and community audiologist)

 This event is, of course, open to any other trainee who is not a GP trainee and any GP who may need or wish to do the course.  The course fee is £200 which they have to pay in advance and this will not be refunded if they don’t attend or only attend one day. 

They will get a Certificate at the end of day 2, assuming that they have attended the full course.    .