Module 2. GP Skills

Objectives for this module

To understand and practice the skills of primary care consulting.  How to talk to patients to up hold the principles laid down in Module 1.  Understanding skills to develop rapport with the patient, understanding the reasons for their attendance and how to run to time.  Develop the skills of communicating bad news and how to help patients alter their behaviours.  How to make safe and cost effective decisions in patient management.


October 9th - MOCK CSA GROUP 1 - St Andrew's Medical Centre, Stalybridge


October 16th - MOCK CSA GROUP 2 - St Andrew's Medical Centre, Stalybridge


October 23rd - MOCK CSA GROUP 3 - St Andrew's Medical Centre, Stalybridge


November 6th - Opening the Consultation/Agenda Setting

Using the initial consultation to build a relationship with the patient. Sharpening your skills in non verbal communication.


November 13th - Explanations

 Working on ways to tell patients about medical issues without using complex and confusing terms


November 20th - Sharing the Management Plan & Closing the Consultation

Skills of handing over, appropriate follow up and how to run to time.


November 27th - Breaking Bad News

The special skills needed to break bad news senitively and effectively in primary care.  Understanding what could be bad news and how to accompany the patient through the process of coming to terms with upsetting information.


December 4th - Telephones & Triadic Consultations

How to safely and effectively telephone triage both within our practices with patients we know well and also in the out of hours setting, dealing with unknown.


December 11th - Passing the CSA - a patient's perspective


December 18th - How to Pass the CSA

With a local CSA examiner and simulated patients - how to approach stations, technique to achieving maximum scores. Be ready to role play!


December 25th  - 8th January (2020) - CHRISTMAS BREAK