Module 1. GP Orientation

Objectives for this module

To understand the fundamental differences between the work of a doctor working in the community and one managing patients in hospital. The importance of working in partnership with patients and their representatives.  The power of supporting patient autonomy and building therapeutic relationships.  Understanding how to approach unsorted medical problems where there is a low prevalence of serious pathology.  Developing a primary care model of health and disease.

August 21st ST3 - Induction

Introduction to the ST3 year. How to get the most out of the ST3 year. What are the common struggles people have at the end of ST3, how to avoid them. Information for the upcoming Residential.


September 4th - Medical Ethics

Understanding ethical principles and why autonomy is more important in Primary Care.  Why do we do as we do?  Why do we try our best?  What do we do when the right coure is unclear?  With Dr Jon Evans. 


September 11th - Preventative Medicine


September 18th - Reflecting Post Bawa Garba

A presentation by Dr Paresh Parikh, appraisal lead for Tameside and Glossop to discuss the recent Bawa Garba case and how this might impact on trainees reflecting in their eportfolio


September 25th - The CSA

At this stage in the year the CSA feels like a distant focus, but it soon comes around and who better to talk to existing trainees than someone who's recently completed the ST3 and going through the same exam experiences?


October 2nd - Medically Unexplained Symptoms

Why do people consult doctors? What do they see as our role? How does an understanding of illness behaviour help? With Dr Leah Henen (Liason Psychiatry).                     


October 3rd & 4th - ST3 Residential

Held at the Low Wood Hotel in Windermere. Getting to know each other. Teambuilding activities. Defining learning objectives for the year. Initial communication skills workshop.