GPST3 Year 2019-20

GP training is directed by the GP Trainers and supported by the Hospital Structured Educational Programme. Dr Naveed Riyaz, a local GP is employed by the Northwest Deanery as Primary Care Medical Educator (PCME)  The course has been changed and improved every year for the past nine years to make it relevant to MRCGP exams and insightful into the most relevant issues of work in Primary Care.  The course content reflects the new MRCGP curriculum and has sessions, just at the right time, to help you get through the AKT and CSA exams.


Education during the GPST year is seen as a collaboration between the GP Trainers, the PCMEs and the GPST themselves.  We treat everyone as a fellow professional and value the strength and input of each member of the team.  This means we never patronise, never behave like we know everything there is to know about General Practice and never undermine the particular skills our GPST have.  However, it also means we don't like to check up on, spoon feed or hand-hold during our training. 


Our GPST are the GPs of the future and have to learn to survive and flourish in an ever increasingly complex NHS.  We offer a fantastic opportunity to learn the right skills and attitude to help you become a good GP.


Please look at each module of the Structured Educational Programme to see what teaching is planned.  All sessions are held on Wednesday mornings from 9am - 12.15pm and are held at the Post Grad Centre in Tameside General Hospital.  The course uses 15 days of study leave.