The GP "Basics" Teaching Programme


The Tameside Structured Education Programme is based at the Tameside Postgraduate Centre, and is on a Thursday morning each month from September to July and overseen by myself Dr Jane Harvey. ALL CLINICAL SUBJECTS WILL BE RUN DURING THE YEAR, and THIS WILL BE PRESENTED IN THE FIRST HOUR SO DO NOT BE LATE. I have taken on board the ideas from last year's group of ST1-2s and this year will be informative, relevant and fun!!

The dates for 2019-2020:-






Topic - 



12th September

G40 & G41



19th September

G40 & G41


Visual diagnosis

26th September

G40 & G41

Update on eportfolio

Applying for study leave and passing exams

3rd October

G40 & G41


Mystery Tour

10th October

G40 & G41


What is important about chest pain

17th October

G40 & G41


Visualising the fundus and never missing GCA

24th October

G40 & G41

Lower limb orthopaedics

Examining the hip

7th November

G40 & G41


14th November G39 Respiratory Medicine Understanding spirometry

21st November

G40 & G41 Dementia  
28th November G40 & G41 Mental health


5th December G40 & G41

Care of the Eldery

 Holistic approach
12th December G40 & G41 Sexual health  

9th January

G40 & G41

Physical activity


16th January

G40 & G41



23rd January

G40 & G41

Gateway C and follow up cases


30th January

G40 & G41



6th February

G40 & G41

Consultation Skills 


13th February

G40 & G41

Motivational Interviewing

27th February G40 & G41 TBC  
5th March G40 & G41 GM workforce workshop Planning your career

12th March

G40 & G41

Metabolic Mahem

data interpretation

19th March

G40 & G41

Renal Medicine

26th March G40 & G41 TBC  
2nd April G40 & G41 Consultation Skills  ICE

23rd April

G40 & G41

Long term cancer care

30th April G40 & G41    

7th May

G39, G40 & G41



14th May

G39, G40 & G41


21st May G40 & G41    
4th June G39,G40,G41 & Dining Room Mock CSA  

11th June

G39,G40,G41 & Dining Room

Mock CSA


18th June

G39,G40,G41 & Dining Room

Mock CSA


25th June

G39,G40, G41 & Dining Room

Mock CSA

2nd July G39,G40,G41 & Dining Room Mock CSA  
9th July G40 & G41   End of year feedback


 I would like you to arrive at the sessions for 9.00 for informal discussion time and the teaching will start at 9.30 and will usually finish about 12.30. Teaching is mandatory and all effort should be made to attend. ALL CLINICAL SUBJECTS WILL BE RUN DURING THE YEAR.  Everyone will need to let Samantha know in the post grad office if they cannot attend teaching before the session at and she will follow up anyone who has not given their appologies but does not come to teaching. Also this year note will be taken of those who arrive late or leave early. Looking forward to seeing you all!