About Tameside...........


Tameside is situated at the foot of the Pennines, eight miles to the east of Manchester city centre. It serves a population just over 250,000. The population is concentrated largely in industrialised areas, but also includes Glossop with its population of 28,000 which is part of Derbyshire High Peak Borough Council.

Tameside and its neighbouring district of Glossop are exciting places to work as a GP. There are a wide variety of different communities served by a range of different types of GP practice.


Tameside and Glossop are not, on the whole, affluent areas and there is a high prevalence of coronary heart disease and chest conditions. The rate of lung cancer is twice the national average. Members of some communities have difficulty accessing medical care because of language and cultural barriers.

However, most communities have populations which are not mobile, giving rise to caring family networks and strong relationships with the family doctor. Most GPs in our area will tell you they have the trust and respect of their patients.

The smallest Tameside and Glossop training practice is single handed and has a list size of 2000 patients, the largest has six Partners and serves over 11000 patients. So there are opportunities for potential GPST in Tameside and Glossop to experience many different ways of providing primary care.

Tameside has a vibrant education network for GPs. There is the Tameside TARGET Scheme which is a monthly half day protected teaching time for all Tameside and Glossop GPs to come together to study important innovations in primary care. In addition there are a  number of other teaching events arranged by the Primary Care Trust and Mental Health Trust, specifically to address primary care work issues. GPST 1,2 and 3 are encouraged to mix with local GPs during these events to stay aware of the many issues which are important to primary care.

There will be many opportunities in Tameside and Glossop for GPST to become GP partners when they complete their training. In line with national growth, the number of GPs in Tameside is increasing, in order to deliver new services which the NHS have given us. The Tameside and Glossop CCG are actively seeking to develop new and innovative GP posts as the new changes in general practice evolve. We have a newave of young enthusiastic practitioners who are shaping the way primary care is being provided.. ..............Come and  join us !