Welcome to Tameside and Glossop GP Training

     Welcome to our Website which provides information and guidance for prospective and current GPST as well as for the GP Trainers .


     The Tameside and Glossop GP Teaching Programme currently offers 25 tracks.


      We run separate ST1-2 and ST3 Teaching Programmes.


     In most Tracks, the first year involves 4 month rotations in the following specialities:-





Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Accident and Emegency

Ear Nose and Throat




Medical Assessment Unit


   Year 2 will involve 6 months in a further hospital post and 6 months in General Practices.   




     A significant amount of attention has been given to ensure these posts give the best preparation for a career in General Practice. Each post is described in more detail in the following pages.


     We are usually able to offer placements for those requiring Less Than Full Time Training.


     Our GP Teaching Programme is  managed by enthusiastic GPs and Consultants.  We can guarantee you a fulfilling and thought provoking GP training experience in Tameside.